• SIVC 495 -7.47%
  • BOAB 6 350 1.11%
  • BOABF 6 500 -0.23%
  • BOAC 6 055 -2.33%
  • BOAM 1 410 -0.35%
  • BOAN 4 600 -5.83%
  • BOAS 3 275 0.00%
  • BNBC 1 800 -2.17%
  • BICC 6 895 0.00%
  • SDSC 1 600 0.63%
  • CFAC 785 -7.10%
  • CIEC 2 100 1.69%
  • CBIBF 8 250 3.13%
  • SEMC 700 0.00%
  • ECOC 6 495 -1.59%
  • ETIT 19 0.00%
  • FTSC 1 170 4.93%
  • SVOC 2 395 0.00%
  • NEIC 635 0.00%
  • NTLC 8 045 -7.47%
  • NSBC 6 200 -1.74%
  • ONTBF 2 105 0.00%
  • ORGT 2 795 -0.17%
  • ORAC 10 500 -0.04%
  • PALC 7 600 0.46%
  • SAFC 645 -0.76%
  • SPHC 2 700 -3.57%
  • ABJC 1 290 0.00%
  • STAC 1 140 -0.43%
  • SGBC 16 495 -0.03%
  • CABC 1 170 0.43%
  • SICC 5 380 7.49%
  • STBC 6 200 0.00%
  • SMBC 9 145 1.55%
  • SIBC 5 300 -1.76%
  • SDCC 4 845 0.00%
  • SOGC 3 700 0.14%
  • SLBC 83 245 -7.49%
  • SNTS 16 300 0.00%
  • SCRC 530 -5.35%
  • TTLC 2 100 -3.66%
  • TTLS 2 800 -3.28%
  • PRSC 3 015 7.49%
  • UNLC 5 300 0.00%
  • UNXC 800 0.00%
  • SHEC 835 6.37%

Impaxis Securities offers a broad range of financial services to meet the needs of its clients:

Advice on accessing the capital market

Accessing the capital market to raise capital, organising the sale of a corporation or its listing on an organised marketplace in order to enhance its value and international visibility, needs preparation and must be part of a strategy and business plan. Impaxis Securities has the necessary expertise and experience to assist you and guarantee success at each stage : from financial analysis, preparation of documents setting out the planned operation, securing authorisation from the financial market authority, promoting the securities right up to their listing and monitoring on the stock exchange.

Financial research and analysis

Impaxis Securities provides you with monthly and biannual journals highlighting significant market events. To guide you in your investment decisions, we produce research notes in which we make reasoned buy or sell recommendations on companies listed on the regional stock exchange.

Investment counselling

Based on your risk profile or on your professional and family situations, we can help you develop an investment strategy in line with the goals you seek to achieve by investing on money and capital markets.

Establishment of UCITS

We assist you in establishing and promoting undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), whether it be Mutual Funds (FCP) or Investment companies with variable capital (SICAV). These UCITS can be open to any subscriber or reserved for a special investor category (personnel, association members or personnel of professional or inter-professional organisations, etc.).

As a licensed body, we act as account manager / custodian of assets, administrator of shares, and check the regularity and compliance of transactions.

Placement of securities (shares, bonds, notes, etc.)

By distributing all securities admitted to trading on money and capital markets, we make it possible for you to buy financial assets in line with your investment strategy, thereby allowing you to earn interest on your cash.

Raising capital

We arrange and structure capital-raising efforts for governments, public institutions and private corporations by way of public or private equity offerings.

Whether as a lead arranger or a member of a consortium, we structure the transaction and, where necessary, organise communications campaigns on operations in consultation with the issuer and stakeholders, and utilise all the human and technical resources necessary to make the fund-raising effort successful.

Custody of securities portfolios

In cooperation with the DC/BR (Central Depository/Settlement Bank), we hold your securities, and manage your account and the detailed statement of operations on your securities and cash accounts.

Securities trading

As a licensed financial intermediary authorised to receive, transmit and place buy and sell orders, we execute your buy and sell orders on the regional stock exchange (BRVM) at very competitive transaction fees.

We have direct, real-time access to the regional stock exchange’s trading platform allowing us to:

  • access the market sheet
  • instantly enter buy/sell orders
  • monitor the entry of orders on the market
  • monitor transactions on the marketplace and statistics on each trading session

We are also active on the over-the- counter market, in particular in unlisted securities trading.

Checking your online account

With this innovative and secure platform, we offer you the possibility to:

  • check your account
  • generate your account statement
  • access the service round the clock every day
  • track all transactions on your account
  • access a variety of information made available by Impaxis Securities
  • check the historical prices of all securities listed on the regional stock exchange
Custody of securities

In cooperation with the CD/SB (Central Depository / Settlement Bank), and using a business package that meets international standards, we ensure:

  •  the automated management of settlement operations
  •  the automated management of securities transactions
  •  scrupulous respect for confidentiality and international standards
  •  maximum security and monitoring of custody operations (safeguarding, maintenance,recovery of data after a disaster, etc.)
Virtual portfolio

To acquaint yourself with the stock market, you can, in a few seconds and free of charge, create an account that gives you access to a fictitious portfolio from which you can implement an investment strategy by buying or selling securities listed on the regional stock exchange, the prices of which are the opening prices for the day's trading session.

The Impaxis Securities application

The application “Impaxis Securities” is an innovative tool on the BRVM, the first one launched within the WAMU zone, and offered to the public free of charge. Thanks to this simple and user-friendly application that you can download to Android and IOS devices, the stock exchange is now within the reach of everyone.

It provides access to stock prices, market performance, information on securities, publications and a lot more.